Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Leadership - leadership versus followership Essay

Leadership - leadership versus followership - Essay Example Bad Leader believes that employees working under him are basically lazy and the work, assigned to them, is distasteful to them. They assume that people are motivated by money. Leaders with bad leadership traits normally or wrongly assume that there must be very detailed work routines and enforced milestones to ensure that every work gets done. According to Allio, a bad leader apart from failing both professionally as well as personally, would destruct the organizations and regrettably the employees and the shareholders A good leader must be tough enough to win a fight, but not tough enough to kick a man when he is down. They find strategies to increase the owners fund, encourage change in the wrong direction rather than resisting it. Further they influence their subordinate in a negative rather than coerce them into a positive path. The Bad leaders are corrupt, misguided and have disregard for the stakeholders. They bring disrepute to the organization and are painful to the employees. Dean B McFarlin & Paul D Sweeney in their book â€Å"Where EGOS Dare-The Untold Truth about Narcissistic Leaders & how to Survive them† defines Narcissistic Leaders as the ones who are fundamentally, insecure individuals who will crave adoration and will act in a negative way to get adoration, eventually only getting negative adoratio n. They compensate by projecting an inflated sense of self worth & competence to those around them. The next important point raised by Allio in the article is that, most leaders start as visionaries having great ideals to lead the organization into high growth. They exhibit high integrity and they take the right path to retain the idealism for what they had dreamt of in the beginning. However, the environmental and resource constraints influences idealism and they become practical and think of alternative ideas. They start of in a big way but when their plans fail to deliver, they take wrong decisions

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